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   02/28/2018, By Osa
Sooooo I don't really write reviews, even though I use them to decide what items to buy myself (I know, it's horrible), but I couldn't help but leave a review for this hair because it is that damn good.
When I pulled the hair out of the bag, I was super excited. The wig was FULL. Like FULL FULL. I've had 150% density wigs before and they have always been kinda thin for me, but this was perfect. The hair smelled good (didn't have a chemical smell).
So, yes. I definitely recommend this hair.
Also, if your cap size is in between the average and large size and you happen to have hair on your head, either have smaller braids or order a large cap. You're welcome lol
   02/21/2018, By Aniesa
I really love this hair. It is very beautiful and soft. Definitely felt the difference in thickness between a 130% and a 180%. I love the fullness and it is gorgeous with its natural curl after you wet it. I have been having so much fun with this texture that I haven't had the opportunity to see it when it is straight, but I'm sure that it is just as gorgeous when it's straight as it is wet and wavy. Definitely going to buy again.
   02/14/2018, By Brown
This hair is bomb
   02/03/2018, By Misha
Beautiful wig will buy again
   01/30/2018, By chancelly
I was very worried about ordering this but.... I have to say I love it! It's one of the best wigs I've ordered or brought from a store! It's soft and it looks like as if its my natural hair!
   01/25/2018, By Larissa
Excellent!!!! Looks exactly like the picture. The hair smells great!!!!! I will definitely buy again
   01/10/2018, By Breanna
Omg I just received my package I ordered it Wednesday & received it today (On a Friday) & I love it ! I can’t wait to install it tomorrow pics coming soon ! I’m ready to purchase a curly texture now ! I’ve been referring everyone I know !
   12/31/2017, By A. Rojas
Very impressed with this hair. Upon receiving it, I dyed the actual hair jet black. I have washed the hair several times and shedding is very minimal. Would definitely purchase from this vendor again!
   12/20/2017, By Angela
Item as pictured. This is my first wig. So, I’m no expert, but the wig looks well constructed. The hair is beautiful. I shopped around and I no that all lace wigs are of equal quality. I saw wigs that where of poorer quality selling for $300. Those that where on the same level are selling for even more. I’m glad I took a risk and can’t wait to get it installed. I’ll add a photo after installation. Thanks!
   12/07/2017, By Josefa
I received this hair earlier than it was promised!

The hair looks like cuticle (Remy) hair and it is very soft. I wanted a SMALL capsize but I believe it is a medium cap size.
with wig caps and wig stand gifts,  I like it.
   11/29/2017, By Diamond
The wig is great, I don't know much about 360 wigs but I have to say, the quality was better than I expected. Very soft and looks natural, that's pretty much all I was asking for and you delivered. Would buy from this seller again and again. Thank you!
   11/17/2017, By Neecee
AMAZING!!!! I absolutely love this wig! It feels and looks great. I have had it installed for 1 1/2 weeks. There is no shedding so far. There was no smell on arrival. I am IN LOVE with my hair. Have gotten soo many compliments! Will definitely buy more from this company!❤❤❤
   11/16/2017, By Chastity
I absolutely love this wig!! No shedding or tangles and looks so realistic!!
   11/03/2017, By Wanda
This is a great wig! It took color very well. Nice hairline and baby hairs. Its true italian yaki hair (ideal for women of color). I ordered a 12" and it came about 14" so I had to cut quite a bit but it still maintained after color and cutting. Highly recommend. I will post a picture soon. Also Nice gift of wig caps and wig stand in the package. Excellent purchase...
   10/26/2017, By Ms. Gordon
Oh my goodness !!I love this 360 wig, the combs and strap helps to keep wig in place when wearing my ponytail. When wearing ponytail the hair is not heavy but yet it looks full. Wearing the strap makes the wig adjustable to fit any head size. Package smelled nice and packaged really nice. Shipped really fast! Will be making more purchases!
   10/12/2017, By Kris
I am a licensed hairstylist, specializing in weaves etc. This hair is amazing!!! The light Yaki texture gives it plenty of fullness without being too thick. The size fits great, doesn't tangle, minimal shedding and takes to heat very well. I purchased the 20 inches and I love it.

You will most definitely have to bleach the knots for a more realistic appearance but otherwise, this is a BOMB unit!!!! Do not hesitate to purchase!!!
   10/05/2017, By Elizabeth
I've been purchasing Lace Units for ovee 10 years; so I know if I've received good or bad quality hair. I can truly say this hair is great quality hair to the texture, color, movement, minimum shedding, easy to curl and dye. I've received so many compliments on this hair. I will purchase again from this company. Happy customer
   09/28/2017, By amber
If you have any doubts about ordering this unit DON'T! I cut the lace and slipped it on and fell in love! It feels like relaxed hair. I ordered the small cap and it fits like a glove. No bad smell and the knots are bleached. The unit is pre-plucked to perfection. Don't hesitate to order this one!!
   09/26/2017, By clara
I love my hair its so full and beautiful. It came packaged beautifully, smells amazing and I had my stylist to put a few highlights I am so excited!! YAY! Thank You!!
   09/24/2017, By Jones
This is a great wig with no shedding. This hair is nice.thick and straight. I have been wearing this unit for two months and looks good as it did when I purchased it.. So worth the money. you won't regret it. The size is a little big for my head but its alright.
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